Saturday, April 5, 2008

Autumn in New York, and Winter, Spring, Summer...

So what's with this "Clear the path, I'm coming through" attitude in New York?

I can't tell you how often I am walking down the street and find myself face to face with Ms/Mr
whatever , exiting the diner and looking 1 way for pedestrian traffic (actually more likely just getting his bearings). Does that compute? Am I nuts? (only in a good way.)

What is that about? I mean, this happens constantly. It's almost an epidemic. I do love New York. And I just can't stand it!

Are these people so egotistical to think there's no one else out there?
Or do they think that whoever is out there will just have to make way.
Worse still, do they not even notice?

In a life of suffering on the one hand, and Eckhardt Tolle on the other, what drives people to ignore their immediate world?

I also wonder if these people are alone in their true friends, no close family, no partner.
Perhaps they've made certain limiting decisions which lead to feeling, "I am in this by myself."
Shutting down in that way produces behavior that contradicts the flow, the rhythm of New York.

Does this lifestyle sound at all familiar? I know the example is extreme, but do we sometimes experience a taste? It's right there on peoples' faces. If we don't create space for others in our worlds, i.e. NYC streets, it's possible we don't do it in our lives and then what do we have to smile about?

Is it actually about having so much disappointment in life that we slowly shrink to live within our circumstances? We keep moving our feet but are emotionally disconnected. And it all happens without the light of conscious thought. Extremely powerful feelings live way below and we
can't lay claim to them.

In the bigger picture, imagine our earth peopled by millions who exist this way...disconnected, desperate, impoverished, hungry, feelings buried. Can hatred break through?

So, in New York City, we move in our direction and don't look to see what's coming. I'm here and that's all there is. And somewhere else on the planet there's a war going on.

What questions can we ask, what actions can we take, to begin to light up the darkness?
And what will it take to get to a moment of realizing that Choice is possible. "Excuse me, can I help you with that stroller?
There is always choice.


communicatrix said...

It's not just NYC; I think it's part of the speeding-up of life in general. Even in once-sleepy Midwestern towns, I'm stunned by how often I get cut off in traffic, or someone doesn't hold a door. Less prevalent there, but still.

And in L.A.? It's epidemic. It just happens almost exclusively in our cars. Almost got mowed down by a woman yesterday who literally DID. NOT. STOP. AT. A. RED. LIGHT. before turning right. Fortunately, I was looking out for her.

To her credit, I made eye and audio contact with her (hot day and her window was open) and she was horrified with herself. Hopefully, that was her free pass, and she'll wake up to the importance of waking up.

But it is epidemic, and not a little scary, I'll tell you what.